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    I'm upgrading my rig to a series 3 Focus 2R and Contra EX.

    So my previous rig is for sale. I would rather sell as a whole, but email me if the individual parts interest you more.

    This is it, it's all series II !

    Contra 2R (it was bought as part of a combo, so the label says Coda 2R). Good condition, never had a problem. I bought the carrying case that is normally shipped with it, so that's in too.

    Contra EX, the version without the carpeting. I bought it here, from http://www.ghservices.com, it comes with the optional Levi's padded gig bag.

    I'll throw in my speaker cable of course.

    1000$ OBO, Shipping at your charge

    Email me please, I don't check PMs all that often
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