SOLD FS: Aguilar ag500sc, recently serviced. $650 shipped!

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  1. FS or possible trade,...$650 PRICE DROP 600FINAL PRICE DROP $575!!!shipped ........Putting my trusty Aggy 500sc on the block. I just had my tech go through this. He replaced the preamp board, reflowed all solder joints and basically gave it a head to toe going over and pronounced it ready to face the apocalypse!

    It had developed some crackling when adjusting the input and after contacting Aguilar, they told me they had some problems with some of the early preamp boards. I had been considering flipping this for a while, so I decided to invest in a full repair to make sure that whoever bought it had a basically fully refurbished amp with ZERO problems or worries.

    It has some rack rash, fairly minimal, and I have no idea where the original handle is. Other than that, the amp is good to go. Sounds great, works like a brand new model, and should serve the new owner well for quite some time. I have a beat up, fairly ragged rack case/bag that I can include if you like. Shipping is included in the lower 48. Pics to come in the next couple of days. UPDATED TRADE OPTION. I need a Genz Benz 12.0, would like to swap pretty much straight across, but might add some cash if your amp is on the newish side.
  2. A Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 with rackears and a Line 6 KB37 for the Aggy.
  3. ^ thanks, but have to pass on the 6.0. Appreciate the offer though
  4. ben12390


    Jul 5, 2010
    can you get a good overdrive sound from it?
  5. ^ This is the single channel model, overdrive, just clear, fat, thick, pure tone. Unless of course, you put a tube screamer in front of it! ;)
  6. finally snapped a couple of iphone pics,..sorry for the crappy quality. The rack/bag is in poor condition, but is included if ya like. The Mesa cab is no longer for sale.



    Still considering a shuttle 9, would prefer an outright sale or a nice fretless 5 string though.
  7. shuttle 6 plus cash.... :)
  8. Bump with trade update and price drop. Swap for Shuttlemax 12.0 or straight sale for $600.
  9. Final price drop $575 shipped. This amp is literally like new. Complete service job including new preamp board. Let's get it sold so I can try out the Shuttle 12.0!!!! Thanks!
  10. Price drop bump. I'd really like to move this,....whaddya say a brother out???? ;)
  11. possible trade in the works,...still available though. $575 shipped or trade for a shuttlemax 12.0
  12. Playing thru this tonight,....killer aggy tone bump before the gig!!!!!
  13. Looks like this one is traded,....headed down to Tejas. Thanks TB!
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