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FS: Aguilar DB750

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Big String, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. For Sale: Aguilar DB750, very slightly used, bought brand new Aug. 2005, in perfect condition, with original box and packaging.

    $1500.00 plus shipping, lower 48 only. No pay pal.
    Will require U.S. Postal Money Order to clear.

    This is very fine product. This amp is very loud. The low end is huge with a pretty clear but vintage vibe. The EQ is simple and effective. It's not a light weight, but not bad at all to move. Very well built from top to bottom.

    About the Amp:
    Accepts 2, 4, and 8 ohm loads Tuner Out with Mute Self-Diagnostic Protection Circuit and Thermal Overload Protection Circuit (both with LED Indicators) Short Circuit Protection Power Output: 750 watts @ 4 ohms, 975 watts @ 2 ohms. Preamp Section: Three 12AX7s and one 12AU7 Power Section: 12 complimentary lateral MOSFETs Transformers: Custom Aguilar toroidal power transformer. EQ Section: Tube-driven shelving type treble (+/ - 12dB @4kHz), mid (+/ - 12dB @ 400Hz), and bass (+/ - 12dB @ 40Hz) controls. Deep Switch: Adds 3db of broad-band boost at 30 Hz. Bright Switch: A passive RC pre-emphasis circuit at 5-7 kHz. Effects Loop: Send pot is push/pull for line or instrument level; return pot is push/pull for parallel or series operation. Inputs: One 1/4" input jack with an active/passive switch. One 1/4" power amp input. Outputs:Two Neutrik Speakon speaker outputs, one Jenson XLR balanced output (-32dB pre- and post-EQ) with a ground lift switch, and one 1/4" jack preamp output. Cooling: High quality whisper fan Power Requirement: 100, 120, 230 VAC 50 - 60 Hz Dimensions: 19" W x 14" D x 5.25" H Rack Size: Three Spaces. Weight: 43 lbs
  2. I've received a couple PM's about why I decided to sell so soon.

    Mostly it's not the best live tone for me in most cases. I do like the tone quite well but as I responded to the pm's, it's a bit too "buttery" or "pillowy" for me on the low end. I really like it a bit faster down low. If you like Old School/Vintage with clarity you would like this amp very much.

    There is alway a lot going on in our mix with horns, and busy keyboards. If we played more straight-up rock or blues most of the time I would be very content. Also my other "big" rig is more to my liking, but it weighs considerabley more, which was another reason I got the 750.

    I will say the DB750 was outstanding on a couple outside gigs that I did with it. One big heavy rig is enough... and... I want to try some other gear too.
  3. PM sent
  4. pm reply
  5. Rich's_Alice


    Aug 18, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    PM sent.
  6. Pm answer
    Thanks for all the interest TB :)
    I love this site.
  7. Pending Sale: Locally.
  8. Was this one ever sold?
  9. Dr. PhunkyPants

    Dr. PhunkyPants Guest

    Aug 11, 2002
    That's an endorsement if I've ever heard one!