FS; Aguilar Filter Twin, Aguilar Octamizer, Aguilar Agro

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  1. Selling off my board as it sits currently and I no doubt will be buying all of these pedals back as soon as the gig money rolls back in this summer. These are IMO the best pedals of their kind I've used to date and I'm sad to see them go. All 3 will ship in the original boxes and all three have the foam risers with hook side velcro attached to the bottom. Again, these are simply the best pedals for their purpose I've had on my board and I can't wait to some day have use for pedals and get 'em back but until then you can score some sweet deals on whats pretty much a ready to go board. All 3 are in perfect cosmetic and functional condition and will ship via UPS Ground insured after payment made via PayPal. Asking $115 shipped OBO for each pedal. Thanks for looking.

    $115 shipped OBO

    $115 shipped OBO

    $115 shipped OBO

    Edit: Buy all 3 pedals together @ $333 shipped for a great starting board!
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  5. Price drop bump!
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    PM sent.
  7. Filter Twin and Octamizer SOLD
  8. Agro still available and still Agrawesome!
  9. Agro sold!
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