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SOLD FS: Amazing MTD535 - rare Seafoam Green, Korina/Wenge

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Margus Alviste, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Once again for sale - a beautiful and fantastic sounding MTD 535 (number 028 Mike did after he sold his name to Gibson). She has a Black Korina body and Wenge neck with Wenge fretboard. Bartolini active pickups and pre of course. Plays well on stage and sounds really great (even with all the settings at the zero position) in studio. One of the best looking, playing and sounding bass I have personally tried. She has a lot of low mids compared to other MTDs which makes it a perfect bass also for rock bassists.
    I'm selling because my studio needs an investment and I decided to keep my other wonderful W&T basses (34" scale)

    NB!!! A special price for this week only - 2800 USD including shipping.
  2. jzbass6

    jzbass6 One Nation Under A Groove

    Nice bass, is this the original color?
  3. Yes, it's the original color. As far as I know it might be the only Seafoam Green MTD535.
  4. there were two other seafoam green MTD's...5 were done in salmon pink...these were all in the same batch, IIRC...he was trying to do some that would appeal to the retro crowd, and the non-coffee table types like me :D i spoke with mike when i picked this bass up from adrian garcia...geez, i REALLY would love to buy this bass back...serious mojo in that one...

  5. OK, thanks! I didn't know about other Seafoam Green basses. I talked to Michael and he was so enthusiastic about the pink ones. :) I was almost ready for ordering one.

    PS! Yes, there's definitely some serious mojo in that bass! To be true, I am not happy to sell it but first things first!
  6. yeah, he was all about himself over the pink ones...he managed to wedege them into the conversation we were having when i was having my J5 (saratoga now) built...i had to sell to help buy a house...three others went after the MTD...unhappy days
  7. Hope your happy days are close! ;) The #028 is waiting for a buyer.
  8. Still waiting to meet her new owner. ;)
  9. Hey, a special price for this week - USD 2800 including shipping. I just have to pay for another gear and if someone is ready to pay at once I'll let her go. After the next week I don't need quick money anymore, so the price will go up again. :)
  10. mmmmmmmm i loves it
  11. That bass was once bought from Adrian.

  12. i bought that bass from your dad in 2004...it got lost in the mail while i was at sea on a submarine and he worked pretty hard to get it resolved...he called the day i got back from deployment to make sure it was all good...i had to sell it to help put a down payment on my house - working hard to get it back! :D
  13. So you play too? That's a good thing!
  14. Still available
  15. More pics
  16. Still for sale!
  17. More pics...
  18. Still available! :)

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