FS American Fender Jazz Bass 5 string w/ Lindy Fralin pick-ups

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  1. 2007 American Fender Jazz Bass 5 string. Has all the upgrades associated with the 2008 models, high mass bridge, lightweight tuners, TSA case, excellent fret work, gloss maple board. Weighs 9lbs 4oz. Dunlop strap locks installed, nice low action, no buzzes, new DR Hi-Beams, a few scratches or tiny dings but no issues whatsoever, plays great!

    Comes with an additional black pickguard as well as the brand new custom cream pearloid one pictured here. I can email a pic with the black guard.. it looks great!

    I have a brand new, still unopened in the box set of Lindy Fralin pick-ups I can include for $1,050 shipped or I can sell it with the stock pick ups only for $950 shipped.

    5 string trades considered..

    My first choice is a Stingray 5 weighing less then 9.5lbs I can add cash for the right one!

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  2. and..

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  3. traded!