FS: Amp handles, enclosure handles, rack rails, $45

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    It's a package deal, as I clean out stuff from the area marked "stuff."

    The teardrop speaker enclosure handles measure 7.5 x 9 inches with 2.5" maximum protrusion. They are two part, and nicely molded to look as one when they're installed. There are four handles total there; the image doesn't indicate that right off unless you look hard.

    Then we have the spring-steel type handles. all brand new. The short one measures 8.75 inches (the steel part) and the other three are 10.5" Installed, they take up 12" of real estate.

    Two rack rails, 10" long. One end factory, one end hacksawed.

    Finally a PA speaker receiver. Flange: 4" diameter, three screw holes. The receiver itself fits in a 2" hole with a 2.5" total protrusion.

    $45 shipped conus, payment via paypal. I welcome questions and look forward to your grabbing this wonderful array of needful items so you can immediately utilize it or, if that's not possible, put it where you put your, um, stuff :)

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