SOLD FS: ART Pro Channel Tube Preamp + Compressor + EQ

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  1. The absolute best bang-for-the-buck preamp! I bought this two months ago and replaced the 3 stock tubes with Electro-Harmonix tubes ($50 upgrade). The stock sound was good, but the upgraded tubes made it fantastic. Unfortunately I don't have the time to devote to recording, so my gear has to go. The 5 year warranty from ART is still good.

    This puppy is great for live use, also. It has a reputation for being especially good on bass.

    PRICE: $280 Shipped! :hyper:


    The Pro Channel features many new and exciting design enhancements to ART s pro and home studio staples, including the addition of a tube circuit to the compressor module. The Pro Channel allows you to select between ART s award winning optical/tube compressor or the coveted tube circuit (a design made popular by the sound of the old broadcast limiters now costing thousands of dollars). The tube circuit is fast, fat and a bit aggressive, and is guaranteed to become a legend among compressors as has the Pro VLA. The four-band parametric equalizer has selectable Q for the two sweepable mid-bands. As with all design elements of the Pro Channel, these Q options were fine-tuned by some of the industry s top studio and live-sound engineers. Likewise, all new additions were made without compromise to the sound of the original designs (Pro MPA, Pro VLA, Tube EQ), which have become standards in professional studios and FOH rigs around the globe.

    ART Pro Channel Tube Mic Preamp Features:

    • Professional Tube-Based Microphone/Line Recording Channel
    • Three independent World-Class modules: tube mic pre, switchable optical/tube compressor, and tube EQ
    • Warm, Smooth, and Silky Sound Quality
    • Precision Detented Potentiometers
    • Selectable VU Metering (mic pre out, compressor out, or Main Out)
    • Tube Character and Gain Reduction LED Arrays
    • Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4" Inputs and Outputs
    • Insert Points Between Preamp and Compressor, and Compressor and EQ
    • Three Hand-Selected Vacuum Tubes
    • Professional Signal Processing For use with any Analog or Digital Recording Format
    • Exceptional Processing Channel For Any Line or Instrument Level Signal
    • Five-Year Warranty
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