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FS Ashdown ABM C115-300 Combo

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by LAKLAND011, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. I have an Ashdown ABM C-115-300 that has been gigged with twice. It is minty and fresh but I have no car so I haven't used it in over a year - even at home (i bought a Berg 1x12 / Clarus setup that became my main rig almost immediately after purchasing the Ashdown). I had lecover make a thick padded cover for it and it's been sitting ever since.

    180 watts with the internal speaker and 320 watts with an 8 ohm extension cab. A very versatile amp that weighs in at only 57 lbs and is small compared to other 15" combos I've tried. The two preamps (tube and solid state) are very usable and blendable. This amp oozes warmth and you can dial in any degree of clarity or grind as you see fit. Also, the subharmoniser is incredibly useful in low settings to subtly fatten up the sound or set at 3/4 to get a usable and heavy octave effect (the best octave IMHO) that is footswitchable (I have a footswitch I will throw in too). The amp has an onboard DI that is pre/post switchable. A footswitchable mute to take advantage of the front face tuner out jack. It also features a rear mount effects loop and an output that powers an 8 Ohm cab

    This is not a Mag Mon or Electric Blue combo. It is the real deal

    The only difference between mine and the newer model is that it has the retro grill cloth instead of the metal grill. It's an awesome amp but I just don't use it. If you're interested, do your research and make me an offer. i paid $943.00 a year and a half ago + $60.00 for the cover and it's been sitting unused since then.

    This is an as new item but I have no idea how to price it because it's been sitting here for a year. they now list for $1579.00.

    I'd need to score $700.00 for it shipped in the US. $650.00 local (new england )is as low as I can go. If I can't score that here then it's off to e-bay

    I'm not looking for trades as I really need the cash.

    Peace, Steve