SOLD FS audiokenisis Thunderchild 112 AF, cover

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  1. For sale:
    Audiokenisis Thunderchild 112 AF Speaker Cabinet
    *MINT condition*
    Bass or Pro audio cab is top notch design and manufacture
    • This cab has a rear firing ‘acoustic friendly’ tweeter (AF), switchable
    • Selectable crossover switch for darker, brighter, and on/off of the rear firing tweeter
    • Speakon/1/4” combo inputs
    • spring/banana speaker cable input as well.
    • 2 ports with plugs to tune to the room
    • Custom made speaker cover by leCover
    • Tilt back handle on bottom
    Small light and LOUD. You won’t believe the bass coming out of this thing. It will fill any room

    I would prefer not to ship this cab. I am in DC/Baltimore area. I am willing to deliver it a reasonable distance.
    The cab, cover, AF, and add-ons make this a value of over $1000 new. I am asking $800.

    this thing is MINT.
  2. UPDATE: ships FREE
  3. Bump for a great cab
  4. bumpers.
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    Trade for a P4?
  6. SOLD.

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