FS: Bag End D10X-D 2x10" bass cab

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  1. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    This is a great cab that hasn't seen much use at all. It's got the coax speaker in it for extended high-end frequency response.

    I've used this cab as a stand-alone with an old Musicman tube amp and it worked great, but it doesn't have a ton of bottom depending on what sorta amp you're using. Where it really shines is adding some nice punch to your existing rig. I've run it with a 15" underneath and it really brings out the growl in jazz basses, etc.

    I'm not using this cab anymore as it's a 4-ohm cab and I'm now running a pair of 8-ohm Bag End S15-Ds and my current amp won't go less than a 4-ohm load.

    I'd like to get $400, which would include shipping anywhere within the continental 48 states (shipping won't be cheap as the cab weighs about 62 lb.). Thanks!