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  1. Danho


    Mar 2, 2005
    Columbus Ohio
    Hello! I have the following bass player magazines. I am ONLY interested in selling them as a lot.
    Most of them have been stuck in gig bags and they have all been read and loved. Few of them are in collector shape though. Currently they are in mylar magazine covers.

    Here's what I have:
    Legends of Funk + R&B Special issue
    Flea 08/02
    Mudvayne 01/03
    Stanley Clark 03/03
    Jane's Addiction 06/03
    HUB 07/03
    Audioslave 08/03
    Victor Wooton 10/03
    Basses under $800 12/03
    Justin Meldal Johnsen 02/04
    Incubus 04/04
    Geezer Butler 07/04
    Green Day 09/04
    Brian Wilson 10/04
    Victor Wooton 06/05
    Bootsy Collins 07/05
    Paul McCartney 10/05
    Cream 12/05
    Adam Clayton 01/06
    George Porter 02/06
    Rush 03/06
    Aerosmith 04/06
    Juan Alderete 03/09
    TRAA 11/03

    $30 & shipping for the bunch!

    Best wishes,

    Dan Sagraves
  2. Danho


    Mar 2, 2005
    Columbus Ohio
    Any interest at $20 = shipping?
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