SOLD FS: Bassmods 3band 5 knob pre, GFS mm pickup, Traben J pickup

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  1. Up for sale is a bassmods pre with push/pull volume pot for active/passive, blend, bass, mid and treble controls. Really good inexpensive preamp. Great for a cheap project. Asking $40 shipped obo. *sold*

    Guitar Fetish MM pickup. A good sounding inexpensive option, not much to say about it other than that. Plenty of wire left. $20 shipped.

    Also have a neck J pickup out of a traben phoenix. Good sounding pickup, but more of a dark sound, not hifi by any means. Take $15 for it. Thanks!
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  2. IMAG0818. GFS musicman and Traben J pickup still available.
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    Do you know what model the MM pup is? Is it the GFS MM Pro or MM Pro Plus?
  6. is that bass mod pre sold?