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SOLD FS: Beautiful MTD KZ6 lined Fretless w/sweet upgrades! $1200obo

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by togglehead, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Up for sale is my (almost) mint MTD KZ6 Fretless w/upgrades. I bought this due to a sudden GAS for a 6er, and fell in love with the way it looks and plays, but ultimately im not in collection mode, and i just never can play it on the kinds of gigs im doing right now.

    Upgrades: It has had its bridge replaced with a black hipshot bridge, and black knobs and strap pins to match. Could use Black Tuners to be a real matched set. Aguilar 3 band preamp. Comes with original parts.

    The details i know:

    18mm Spacing (Edited for official info!)
    Ebanol Fingerboard w/lines
    About 10lbs

    This is REAL easy to play. Killer action, and the bark attainable is wonderful. Its strung w/ Black LaBella Flats, and i believe comes with an extra set...an almost $100 value if i remember correctly.

    Now for the bad: There is a ding on the top of the body. I tried my best to picture it here, with my thumb for scale. Its not a great looking ding, but it cant be seen when facing it. Never bothered me, but price wil reflect its blemish. Everything else is literally mint. It hasnt been played much, and it obvious. I am the second owner, and it probably has less than 10 hours play time.

    Looking for [DEL]$1200[/DEL] $1000 (buyer pays shipping) and will be shipped in a Body Glove gig bag, well padded. Ive shipped a few basses off here so far and all have arrived 100% as intended. Open to reasonable offers.

    Here she is:

    More in this album, and detailing the blemish.

    Not realy looking for trades at this time as i just pulled the trigger on something and i need to make up the cash. Thanks for looking!
  2. Kevin Woods

    Kevin Woods Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Chicago, USA
    These KZ6s are very comfortable with a stock string-spacing of 18mm. Do you know if the bridge upgrade was done professionally? If it was, I would assume an 18mm bridge was used, and in that case it would measure 90mm center-on-center.

    I always tried to find sound samples of the fretless KZ6 model when they came out, but never could find anything that was reasonably well recorded. Sure would be nice to have some samples.

  3. You're right, it is 18mm. I saw it on the website and wanted to confirm for myself, and it was 18 spot on. Original post edited to reflect this!

    The bridge and pre amp were installed professionally. The original owner gave me a copy of the receipt from the work...but i recently moved and havent been able to locate it. Ill keep looking. The guy lived at the bottom west side of NJ, and said the shop was right outside philly, though FWIW.

    I'll see if i can some sound clips up in the next day or so. Packed few days. Ill record direct, to get a clean sound of the bass, not colored by my (very specific sounding) amp/cab.
  4. No clips yet...been really busy. Accepting offers bump!
  5. Bumpity!
  6. TTT
  7. Price drop! $1100 now!

    Still havent had time for clips...but will try again today.

  8. bump
  9. Offers?
  10. Bueller?
  11. Bump for price drop!
  12. Someone please buy this! My car broke down and i need cash to buy parts. =\

    No reasonable offer will be refused.
  13. ZachL


    Dec 9, 2012
  14. Aaaaand deposit made, pending payment. Looks like shes on hold, folks!

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