FS Benavente 5 string Fretless Vintage Vortex

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    Per rule clarification with the mod, I am making this bass
    available also in the International FS forum.

    Here is the basic post info.

    I have decided to break up The Twins. Here is the story:

    A couple of years ago I bought a Bene Vintage Vortex 5
    String that came with 2 necks that were interchangeable.

    One was a fretted maple black block and the other was a
    fretless rosewood neck.

    I quickly realized I was never going to the trouble to unbolt
    and swap necks. I contacted Brian Barrett at The Low End
    and he arranged to have Chris build a second body for this
    neck. The end result is that the necks can be swapped, thus
    'The Twins'. Chris was moving his shop and NAMM was
    coming, so I finally got it back last July.

    I really have decided that fretless is not for me, so I think I
    am going to let it go.

    35" Scale
    19 mm bridge spacing
    The Benavente necks are flat and wide, I'd have to ask for
    the exact radius. 1 15/16 at the brass nut.

    Transparent Red Finish on a Mahogany body. Chris
    recommended that wood for tone as well as appearance.

    Currently strung with SIT rounds.
    Benavente preamp and pups. Brian knows more about those
    than I do. The knobs are Vol, Pan, Treble, Mid, Bass each
    with a middle detent - cut/boost. You pull out the pan knob f
    or passive operation.

    I have never played it out and it has almost no playing time.
    The pickguard is white pearloid and the plastic is still on it.

    There is only one flaw and that is a tiny ding at the back of
    the neck right by the '5th fret' dot.

    I promised Big Joe first dibs if I were ever to sell it, so if he
    shows up and wants it, its his. (He has passed for now.)

    Waiting time for the Bene's is a year, you can have this one now.

    No case.

    Price USD $1600 or best offer, buyer pays shipping
    (40-60 in CONUS). Equivalent price at prevailing rate of
    exchange in Euros, Can Dollars, Aus Dollars or Pound Sterling,
    payable in US funds.


    I will accept a Canadian, European, UK or Australian sale
    for a TB S/M in good standing or with member with adequate
    references or feedback. I am willing to ship the bass
    disassembled to save on shipping costs.

    I am not interested in sales to Russia, Asia, former Soviet
    nations or anywhere I am not comfortable with a smooth

    No Pay Pal sorry, hate that company. Payment by certified
    Bank cheque, Bank Money Order, Postal or Int'l Postal
    Money order.

    I reserve the right to change my mind and pull it if I start to
    feel too bad about breaking the set up.

    Buyer gets first dibs on the other bass should I decide to
    sell that as well.

    Here's some pics.
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    Here's a few more:
  3. Thor

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    This is also available to go to Down Under.