FS: Bergantino AE410 w/cover $1300 (AUSTRALIA)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by jazzcrime, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Ok, I have sworn by this thing - but it's up for sale to move some funds along.
    Besides a few quote unnoticable minor blemishes (I'm going to have to take a close look and take some pictures to put up later - but it's really going to take some hard looking to find them) this thing is in fantastic condition. Has been kept in its own, very nice, padded Bergantino cover its whole life. The cover alone was worth $180. The cabinet is about a year old.


    Will some newer post pictures later, but wanting $1300 + postage, which I think is a more than fair price for one of the best cabs out there period.
  2. Bumpy!
  3. Not for sale anymore! Decided to keep this. Thanks guys.
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