FS: Boss ME50B, Tascam MD301MkII

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  1. For Sale:

    Tascam MD301MKII Mini Disc Recorder - Price 365.00 CDN + ship.
    Almost mint condition. Purchased for over $700.00. 19" rack mountable 2 RU, 44.1 Sampling Rate, Optical in/out, XLR Balanced in/out, Black. Works great. Comes with remote and manual. I'm not really doing much recording at home anymore so it just doesn't get used enough and I feel bad for it!

    Please PM me with any questions! I'm in Toronto so for those of you within T.O. I'll drive it to ya for free! :hyper:
  2. I'm not much of a FXs player but I still use my ME-50B quite a bit. Great for tuning, using different basses during the same gig, EQ and Compression to the main board and a active preamp for my passive basses. Are you sure it's too much for your needs?

    A free bump for you anyways. Where do you play in T.O.?
  3. You know Benner, you may be right. It's a very good board. I think I've decided to keep it, and just buy a new wah pedal.

    The mini disc player is still for sale though!!!
  4. bump :bassist: