FS: Boss PS3 Pitch Shifter Delay

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  1. For Sale:

    No Longer Made Boss PS3 Pitch Shifter Delay.
    3 modes:

    -Delay (3 sections of delay with up to two seconds and infinite repeat)
    -Delay/Pitch shift (delay with one pitch shifted note)
    -Dual Pitch Shift (for a total of three notes at once)

    you can shift the pitch up to 2 octaves in either direction.

    Has stereo outputs and an expression pedal jack.
    comes with original box.

    $100 shipped
  2. PM sent. :D :D :D
  3. you havent responded to my emails recently, and i was just wondering if the pedal has been shipped yet
  4. it's on the way!

    plus i threw in a little gift ;) ;) ;)