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FS: Brand New GK 115BLX Cab (1x15) w casters $170 Local Pickup!

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by Quadzilla, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Also have this over in the Bass Forum but per the above, I am posting here. Thanks!!!


    I will be glad meet you in person to do the exchange (I'll drive up to 30 min from Owings Mills, MD).

    That being said, I have this GK 115 BLXII cab. It's brand new and NOT a factory second, blem or refurb. This was NEVER on display in a store and abused by customers, etc. I tested it for 5 min to ensure it works, that's it!! It's low and LOUD!!! It lists for $299 and sells everywhere else for a lot more than I am asking for this one!! It even has pop in castors and real nice handles to move this puppy around! I'm even throwing in a brand new Ernie Ball 5 ft speaker cable and GK custom cabinet dust cover specifically for this cab (this is a $49 value!!!). Again, NO SHIPPING on this one! Here is some info and specs:

    BLX Cabinets
    The Backline BLX Series cabinets are designed to be used with the Backline 250BL head but can be used with other heads as well. Although lower power than the RBH Series cabinets, the BLX cabinets feature the same high quality hardware. These are carpet covered, have massive custom tooled corners, 16 gauge steel grills, and nickel plated castors from the RBH series. They are similar in sound but brighter in tone than the RBS cabinets.

    IMPEDANCE 8 ohms.
    POWER RATING 200 Watts.
    WOOFER 1xGK-Paragon 15B200-8, Cast Frame, 15",
    200W, 8 ohm High Presence Voice Coil.
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 50Hz to 5kHz + 5dB.
    CONNECTORS 1x1/4" Full Range Only.
    CONSTRUCTION Heavily Braced Cabinet,
    Black Carpet Covering,
    16 Gauge Steel Grill
    and Custom Tooled Interlocking Corner System and Rear Port.

    WEIGHT 60 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 23"W x 23"H x 18"D

    I take Paypal, cash and U.S. postal money orders. I have perfect feedback here on TB (do a search on Quadzilla in the feedback forum). Thanks again!






  2. Where are you?
  3. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Hi Bassteban,

    As noted in the orignal note above, I'm in Maryland. I should have made the font bigger, my fault... Thanks! ;)
  4. The fault is MINE, sir:rolleyes: -
    BTW, I'm not really after this item, but when I didn't immediately see your locale, I thought it would help to make sure it was up there. Again, MY bad...
    Back to the top for ya!
  5. It'd be much simple to put your location in your profile:
    This way, that field is displayed in all your posts so nobody will bother asking again!
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