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FS: Cadenza by Eastman Carbon Fiber French bow

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Ben Mitchell, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am not really new here, but I have never posted a for sale ad or bought anything from Talkbass. I hope this to be my first!

    So I bought this bow about a year ago at the Bradetich International Solo Competition auction. I played it for a while before upgrading to a pernambuco bow.

    I never even took the plastic off of the nickel wrap! For some reason when I bought it the stamp had been rubbed off, although it is still barely legible.. This is obviously purely cosmetic, and doesn't effect playing at all.

    This bow is light and very easy to play with, a great intermediate student bow, or a great backup. Draws a loud, crisp sound, and is quite bouncy. I just have no need for this bow anymore! I might be able to get a weight if absolutely needed, just ask!

    I would prefer to stay local, mostly because I have never done a sale on TB before, so it would increase trust between me and the buyer if we met in person for them to tryout the bow and/or purchase it. If you really want me to, I will ship in the Continental U.S if you pay shipping.

    I also have a single bow case that I can include in the sale for an extra 20 bucks!

    200$ bow only local
    220$ bow + case local
    these prices plus shipping for continental U.S

    I will post pictures in a moment.

    Happy Shopping!!:hyper::cool:
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  3. Great bow at a low price! Feel free to ask any questions.

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  5. I would be glad to let the bow out on trial if someone would like! Again, I would gladly meet in person because of my lack of feedback.


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    I will ship this for a trial if you pay postage! Let me know.
  8. Buy my bow!
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  10. Bumparoo! Open to trades for nice cheaper electric basses, especially SX.
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  12. Bump and a price drop, 185$ or 200$ with case.
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