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SOLD FS Carver PM1200, SVT IIp, MORE!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Stay Gold 1337, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Okay i need some all-tube action so this stuff has to go!

    First up is my Carver PM1200 power amp - light, loud, clean monster of a power amp...everything you could want! i just recently bought this from dcr on here and have no problems with it except that it's not really what i'm into. one cool thing is it has some kind of clip limiter on it so if it clips it wont wreck your speakers.
    300w/ channel @16 ohms
    450w/ channel @ 8 ohms
    600w/ channel @ 4ohms
    1000w/ @16 ohms bridged mono
    1200w/ @8 ohms bridged mono
    $240 shipped

    Next is an Ampev SVT IIp pre amp - great preamp with a surprisingly flexible EQ with that classic ampeg sound. it's the preamp from the Ampeg SVT II (non pro). i will include the original tubes (3x 12ax7's) and the mesa tubes i have in there now. $325 shipped


    if you buy both of these together for the low low price of $540 shipped (conus only please) i will also include a 4-space Anvil rack case, a vented one-space filler for increased airflow and fill the empty space, the cables to connect the pre amp the the power amp, AND two banana jack to 1/4 speaker cables. that's right, not only do you get both the preamp, power amp, a rack to hold it and protect it, but you also get all the cables you need to connect it up, all for the rock-bottom price of $540 shipped! prices are firm, shipping is for the lower 48 only.

    TRADES: (whole shebang)- Peavey Classic 400, GK 1001rb-II, GK 2000rb (SVT IIp)- GK 2001rbp, other preamps that aren't ampeg, GK800rb

    Thanks -Jake :)

    and now for the pics...


    i don't know what that smudgy lookin smudge in the middle is there, but it's not actually on the amp... must be some kind of ecto-smudge, you know, paranormal camera tricks :p


    now the rack isn't in perfect condition, there's some corrosion on the corners and some normal scratches and stuff, but structurally it's sound and does the job it's supposed to do

    there's also some venting holes i drilled in here when this housed a mesa 400+, doesn't affect the structural integrity though and i wanted to make sure that amp had adequate cooling cuz yah know more cooling never hurts ;-)
  2. pics are here!
  3. bump for a trades list!
  4. What a mess

    What a mess

    Aug 20, 2008
    Valdosta Ga.
    What would you trade the Carver for?
  5. BUMP :)
  6. does this do 4 ohm bridged? what wattage? its hard to find info on this amp online
  7. it does do 4ohms bridged but i don't know off hand what the wattage is. it should say in that manual i linked to in the original post. i'd check but i'm at work on my phone and i can't view pdf files with it.
  8. oops looks like i forgot to link the manual
    i just checked it, it can't do 4 ohms bridged. it does

    300w/ channel @16 ohms
    450w/ channel @ 8 ohms
    600w/ channel @ 4ohms
    1000w/ @16 ohms bridged mono
    1200w/ @8 ohms bridged mono
  9. sunday night bumparoo
  10. bump... I'd LOVE a 1001 rb-II :)
  11. bump for a price drop on the whole shebang!
  12. local for $500, anyone? i consider milwaukee/madison local too since i go down there often enough!
  13. someone should really buy the ampeg cuz i've got a guy that wants to buy the poweramp but at this point i can't get rid of one before the other. how about for 340 shipped i'll include the rack along with the preamp :)
  14. everything is spoken for, thanks guys!

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