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FS/Carvin 5-string Bunny Brunel BB75 ELECTRIC BASS w/Hard Case $675 b/o

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by nels, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. nels


    Sep 18, 2007
    Manhattan (NYC)
    1998 Carvin BB75 5-string fretted Bunny Brunel model.
    Tung Oil Mahogany sides & 5-piece laminated Koa neck with Maple strips (Neck-through body). Koa Headstock. Ebony fingerboard. Includes a Midrange Knob (very useful!) and a Passive/Active double pot.

    Structurally and electronically, the bass is in excellent condition. I've tried to highlight the most obvious dings and will send more photos upon request as there are plenty of nicks and scratches. It is extremely lightweight and comes with the original Carvin case.
    I will charge a $10 handling fee in addition to actual UPS charges (with insurance). If you can pick it up (I live in Manhattan) there will be no shipping charges.

    The Bunny Brunel five-string bass is the result of the combined efforts at Carvin and top session jazz bassist, Bunny Brunel. The main differences between the BB75 and the standard Carvin LB75 five string model are as follows; The neck is 1/4' wider at the 24th fret allowing full width between strings. 1.75" wide @ nut, 3.00" wide @ 24th fret. The back of the neck has an asymmetrical design. The treble side of the neck is slimmer than the bass side, giving this wider-neck 5-string a comfortable feel. The position dots are centered between the first 4 strings. It's like playing a 4 string bass, but adding the 5th low B string. The body is wider than the standard LB75 and has a slightly longer upper strap horn.

    SHORT (6 min) VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH BUNNY: http://www.carvinchannel.com/play.php?vid=116

    "Carvin's basses have always played and sounded wonderful. The construction is so precise, I can pick up any BB70 or BB75 and it will play and sound just like my own." - Bunny Brunel


    MAHOGANY: Genuine Mahogany has an inherent warm quality with accentuated low-midrange. Mahogany is also considered to be a classic tone wood. It is denser and heavier than Alder, but lighter than Maple. Mahogany along with our flamed or quilted maple tops, gives great sustain and warmth. $675 or best offer.


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