SOLD FS: Carvin "big rig" (BX1200, LS1503s w/3015LF)

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  1. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    Hey Y'all,

    Upcoming hernia repair surgery has my wife suggesting that I unload my "heavy" gear, particularly since these days I'm only playing regularly at church which is a pretty quiet environment. I agree so I'm putting my "big rig" on the block. It's all local pickup only in Houston, TX (I'm not even allowed to pick up the pieces, much less try and pack and ship them). What I've got:

    2 Carvin LS1503s (with Eminence 3015LFs)

    These are great cabs. They have their own 3-part megathread you can read here:

    Boutique 3-way 115 and 215 on a budget: Part III
    Boutique 3-way 115 and 215 on a budget: Part II
    Boutique 3-way 115 and 215 on a budget: Part I

    What more can I say about them? With the 3015LFs in place they have massive output, the 3-way design gives great mids and they really aren't that heavy (nominally 56lbs before the 3015 swap). The 3015LFs saved a few pounds and that's the real reason I upgraded them - to minimize the weight. The tone of the original Carvin 15s was fine with me.

    These are 8 Ohm cabs and in excellent condition (carpet covering). I have the Carvin covers for them as well. I went through some teething pains with them and in the end I found one of my tweeter assemblys was rattling. It has been replaced and I swapped out both crossovers under warranty although in the end I don't think the originals had any issues.

    $300 ea - local pickup only (and you gotta carry them downstairs from my game room, I'm not allowed to pick up anything that heavy right now)

    You can get a new one from Carvin with cover right now for $345+shipping and an 3015LF will run you ~$175 so that's a substantial savings. If you buy both I'll include one of the original Carvin 15" speakers as a backup (I only have one left).

    Carvin BX1200 amp

    A nice amp that I love the sound of (the only reason I'm gonna let it go is that 1) it doesn't match up as well with my lighter weight cabs and 2) I'm going to get a Carvin BX500 after I sell this stack). It matches up very nicely with the LS1503s. It's in primo shape and I bought it when the box was carpet covered. I've had it out of the box and in a rack at one point - it's easy to make the switch if you want. I have the vinyl cover for it as well because I got tired of rack latch rattle and have been using it in it's original case for a while and got the cover to keep dust, rain, etc. off it.

    - Advanced Equalization - three EQ sections
    - Active Passive front panel input gain switch
    - 5-band three sweep tone control section
    - 9-band foot switch able graphic EQ
    - Single knob silent Optical compressor w/auto limiter
    - Internal crossover for bi-amp system
    - Preamp DRIVE and MASTER volume controls
    - XLR Direct out with Level, ground lift & pre-post preamp controls
    - Effects loop Switch able by front panel or FS22 footswitch
    - Tune output jack independent of mute switch.
    - High current Speakon connectors
    - RMS 8 ohm 275W/ch, 4 ohm 400W/ch, 2ohm 600W/ch
    - 8 ohms Bridge 800W, 4 ohms Bridge 1200W
    - THD less than .03% at 90% output.
    - Freq. Resp.: 20-20k Hz
    - Dual speed fan
    - Active Passive input (-10DB)
    - Covered in black carpet
    - 5.7" H x 21.6" W x 12" D
    - Weight: 23 lbs.
    - Made in San Diego, California

    These are running $540+shipping now and the cover is an extra $15. I'd let it go for $450 cash'n'carry.

    You want the whole setup? I'd let all three pieces go for $950 and you'd get 2 LS1503s with 3015LFs and Carvin covers, the BX1200 with Carvin cover and the extra Carvin 15" driver. I might even have an extra wiring harness from when I swapped out the crossovers.

    Again local pickup only and I won't be able to lift any of these pieces for a while so you gotta come and get 'em.

    Trades? Only a couple of things:

    Schroeder 15+L rhino 4 Ohm (I have one and am going to add a second)
    Acme Low B1 series 2 8-Ohm
    Reverend Rumblefish PJ
    Fender Thinline Tele Bass
    G&L L-2000 (1.5" nut width, lightweight)
    G&L Trib SB-2 or JB-2

    One pic shows the whole stack (BX1200 in a rack instead of it's own case), the other shows an LS1503 compared to Avatar 2x10 and 2x12 cabs.
  2. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    added a few ideas to the trade list
  3. Bassic83


    Jul 26, 2004
    Texas, USSA
    Craig, sorry to hear about hernia surgery, that sucks, man! But the good thing about it is, once it's done, you'll be feeling much better!

    We did a deal a while back, and Craig is awesome to deal with, so have no fears- his stuff is exactly as he describes! Bump for a great guy!
  4. DLEE


    May 24, 2006
    Mableton ,Ga.
    I've had hernia operations on both sides and I'm now a LMII and Schroeder man! The first couple of days are uncomfortable but that's what the painkillers are for.I went to Aleve on the third day and never looked back. Do as your doctor says and everything will be cool.FWIW get yourself a lot of magazines,the downtime almost drove me crazy. 1 free hernia fraternity bump!
  5. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    *** SOLD ***

    Thanks for the thoughts guys!

    I sold the whole pile of stuff locally to a friend who decided he wanted it. Now I'll be Schroeder & BBT/Little Giant/BX500 only for lightweight.
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