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SOLD FS: Carvin SB5001 5 String Bass - Marcus Miller on Steroids SB 5001 - Mint++

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by was3funk, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. was3funk


    Jul 3, 2006
    FS: Carvin SB5001 5 String Bass - Marcus Miller on Steroids SB 5001 - Mint++

    This is a late 2011 ordered 2012 received, Mint++ Carvin SB 5001 Chambered Bass Guitar. This beauty has hardly been played (<8 hours playtime max). Great bass but this and some others have to go. See the pictures and you'll agree its a 9.9 of 10 (only pickguard finger scratches). Here's your chance to get a top level USA made boutique bass below cost and without the 7-10 week wait time.

    The reviews are correct, this is a killer bass and at the price point may be the best value hands down. Check out Ed Friedland's review of the the similiar Carvin:

    Specs from Carvin:

    SB5001 - Chambered Sekou Bunch Model 5 String Bass

    • MVB - Master Vol & Blend Replaces Separate Vol
    • QTC4 - Clear Quilt Maple
    • MA - Maple Neck/Alder Body (Standard)
    • 5MM - 5-Piece All-Maple Neck
    • QPH4 - Quilted Maple Headstock Matches Body Finish
    • SBH - SB-Style Headstock
    • BMF - Birdseye Maple Fingerboard (Tung-Oiled)
    • DI - Dot Inlays
    • ST F - Stainless Med-Jumbo Frets .048" H .103" W
    • R14 - 14in Fretboard Radius
    • BC - Black Hardware
    • H5A - H50A Alnico Stacked Humbuckers
    • BLK - Black Pickups
    • 5011 - Nickel Roundwound .040 .060 .080 .100 .128
    • SL - Dunlop Straplocks
    • BG - Black Multi-Layer Pickguard
    • Includes new Carvin G&G Hardshell case, also has all paperwork and warranty card.


    $1149. Shipped / Paypal OK - US Only lower 48

    No trades
  2. Buskman


    Apr 13, 2007
    Jersey Shore, USA
    Very nice... that quilt looks almost three dimensional!!

    GLWTS :bassist:
  3. scubaduba

    scubaduba Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Dec 23, 2003
    Wow! Very nice.
  4. Does it really sound like in video with Ed Friedland? :) Can't understand why this very bass is sold so often :)
  5. was3funk


    Jul 3, 2006
    Yes, it does.

    Bass is sold, thread closed. Thanks TB.

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