FS: Chapman Stick Bass with Villex Pups!

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  1. Just got my custom Stick in so the old one is up for sale.
    killer instrument but i just can't justify having two:

    Purpleheart SB8 #1801
    Villex PASV-4 pickup
    Fret Rails
    Paua Shell Inlays
    Adjustable Bridge
    Hard Shell Case
    Tuned in 4ths/5ths or Straight 4ths

    $1675 SHIPPED from NYC and NO WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jammadave

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    Oct 15, 2003
    Wash DC metro area

    Palo - hit me back on my email if you haven't already, love to work somethin' out.
  3. you have PM!