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FS: Chunk Systems Brown Dog + Pigtronix Envelope Phaser

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by DosiYanarchy, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. 102_0257.

    Ok, up for grabs here are two pedals that are some of the most extreme on my board, and they can actually be used together or separately.

    Chunk Systems Brown Dog - Gated Bass Fuzz (cheapest rrp ive seen is £225)
    Check out Grygryx's review here:
    http://bassfuzz.com/2009/04/02/fuzz-review...ated-bass-fuzz/ (click on the dropdown menu to see the video clips)

    Capable of more natural fuzz tones for super-synthy buzz-tones.

    Dirty Level (quiet-loud)
    Clean Level (quiet-loud)
    Gate (sloppy-tight)
    Fuzz (fuzzy-synthy)
    Clipping switch (SOFT or HARD)

    1x input
    1x regular output
    1x Envelope output (for connecting to the Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk, or to the Pigtronix EP1's 'trigger' input) - theres more descriptions of what this is online

    http://www.chunksystems.com/bd.htm - general info and clips.
    http://www.chunksystems.com/files/bd_manual.pdf - the manual

    The GATE Control is an adjustable noisegate that can produce some amazing synthetic fuzz tones when cranked.
    runs of regular 9v power supply or battery
    I'd like $226 USD posted from the UK to your door (paypal only please)


    Next is the Pigtronix EP1 Envelope-Phaser

    This pedal is a box of nuts, its a Phaser AND and the funkiest Envelope Filter i've ever heard.
    Its chock full of features

    have a look here: http://www.pigtronix.com/products08/ep1.html

    You can control the speed of the LFO with an expression pedal (not provided, as i dont have one), or trigger it with an external sound source (ie: drum machine, keyboard, whatever)
    The phaser tempo is always visible via the LED (when in LFO mode) - even when the pedal is bypassed.


    (for the envelope filter)

    (for the LFO Phaser)

    (for both)

    There are 3 Stomp switches, and u can switch between Envelope Filter and LFO Phaser on the fly (i set it up for a funky envelope follower - then drop in a hard chopped LFO phaser for a 'wub wub wub' dubstep sound)

    Theres much more info available online: http://pigtronix.com/instruction%20manual%20final.pdf

    Runs off 12v adapter, which is supplied in the sale
    its a UK adapter, other countries will have to sort out a replacement, as it doesnt take batteries.

    Looking for $160 USD posted from the UK to your door (paypal only please)

    ok, hold on to your hats:
    as mentioned previously - Trigger Input on the Pigtronix and the Envelope (+12db phase inverted) Output on the Brown Dog can actually be connected with a normal jack lead so that the ENVELOPE PHASER is triggered by the clean, phase inverted signal from the BROWN DOG, but actually phases/filter the fuzz tone. The result is that regardless whether the Brown Dog is on or off, the Envelope Phaser should always react the same - dynamic and funky, unlike running a regular fuzz into it, causing the filter to freak out. So both pedals can be used independantly or together.

    This combination yields soooo many sounds its incredible in my opinion

    as these pedals work to well together - im willing to sell both together for $365 USD posted from the UK

  2. TheMutt

    TheMutt Guest

    Apr 28, 2007
    Interested in one, or both of the pedals I have listed for the Brown Dog? I'll add cash as necessary. :)
  3. sorry Mutt,

    im not looking for trades, and the only thing i could possibly px for is a Subdecay Noise Box.
  4. OK

    Brown Dog: $180 (shipped)

    EP1: $150 (shipped)
  5. droskobass


    Oct 8, 2007
    Montreal, Canada
    Former Part-Time, Non-Commission Employee MOOG Audio
    bump for a killer pedal. I just got an EP1 and it's dangerously funky!!
  6. Brown Dog SOLD!

    Just the EP1 left now.

    I'll be selling a few more bits soon: Keeley modded Boss Blues Driver (phat mod), EHX Stereo Clone Theory,
  7. bump

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