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  1. konfishily


    Jan 24, 2004
    Brooklyn, NY
    Crown Powertech 2
    $225 shipped

    Solid power amp.
    910 watts into 8-ohm mono
    660 watt into 16-ohm mono

    460 watts into 4-ohm stereo
    325 watts into 8-ohm stereo

    920 watts into 2-ohm parallel-mono
    655 watts into 4-ohm parallel-mono

    It has two channel inputs (balanced and unbalanced) and two banana plug outputs to your speakers. Switch on back to switch between mono, stereo, and parallel mono configurations. I bought this from a fellow tb'er and hasnt been outside a rack since. Has a few scratches around the screw holes. Comes with reference manual.

    moded 2 and 3 foot banana plug--> speakon instrument cables. 12 gauge cables cut shorter to get rid of excess slack. +10 bucks
  2. Ive become dumb with amps again... can I use this on its own with no preamp except my bass onboard preamp? How much power would this give into a 2x15 cabinet parallel wired to be 4 ohms? My cab has only one 1/4 inch jack on the back- can I plug this into that one jack and it would work?

    please PM me a response to these questions if you would like, thanks!
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