FS: D'Addario ENR71-5 Half Round 5-String, Regular Light, 45-130

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    For sale are an almost new set of D'Addario Half Rounds (ENR71-5) for Long Scale basses. These are described as "warm bright" and I would agree.

    I had to get them for 1 gig and used them for 1 hour.

    I like 'em, but just not useful for the music I normally play.

    This is a 5-string set (BEADG, .045 - .130) put back in the original packaging, although I only used the BEAD strung on my Fender 4-string Precision for the gig.

    So, buy 'em if you have a 5-stringer as I would expect them to fit any long scale bass, or use only the EADG and throw the B out if you have a 4-stringer.

    Retail for $25 new..... selling 'em for $15 cash (shipped to 48 US states). Accepting only cash via good ol' snail mail (avoiding PayPal fees on this small transaction).

    Post a reply or PM me if you have any questions (or want my mailing address).
  2. Were they cut?
  3. scubaduba

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Were they cut for a 35" or 34" scale bass? Since you said Fender 4 string I'm guessing 34".
  4. They BEAD were cut for my 34 inch Fender with 3 full windings on each peg... So the B is the shortest and each string is longer than the previous. The G is uncut.

    From tip of string to the ball (but not counting the ball):
    B is 43"
    E is 44.5"
    A is 46.25"
    D is 47.75"
    G is 48.5" uncut
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  6. I have a 35"scale Lakland DJ5. These should fit with at least two plus windings as long as I don't go through the body. I'll take them if I can mail you a USPS $15 M.O. instead of cash. You can cash it at your bank or any post office.
  7. Sale pending... awaiting payment.
  8. Oops... forgot to close this.
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