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Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Colonel Monk, Mar 30, 2014.

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  1. Howdy!!

    For Sale is my Demeter Compulator. It's basically in "AS NEW" condition. There is a small smudge on the "o" in "volume" which was always there. It still has the original rubber feet, and NO VELCRO.

    A few wee scratches can be seen on the bottom from moving around in my gear tote, but certainly nothing that wouldn't happen the minute it leaves your bedroom.

    I'm including a brand new Dunlop power adapter for your daisy chain or existing power supply.

    This effect was a gift from my guitar-playing brother. It was brand new. I just haven't really ever used it, and I have reduced the size of my board immensely so it's time to shine for someone else.

    Info on how this stacks up against other compressors:


    $[DEL]150[/DEL] [DEL]135[/DEL] $[DEL]125 shipped[/DEL] CONUS. [DEL]No trades please.[/DEL]

    Final Price Drop: $120 shipped

    On second thought, regarding trades, I'm interested in both a Xerograph Deluxe or an Oxide. Straight trade.


  2. BUMP

    Make me a reasonable offer.
  3. Friday PRICE DROP!!
  4. Sheesh, Hard Times....

    Folks, this is a highest quality $200 effect pedal. Cheapest I've seen them new is $189 + shipping.

    This one is as new, I've probably played it 8 hours tops. Please buy it now, or I'll have to go to Ebay AGAIN

    Happy Saturday Bump

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