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    Been in a binge lately and need to try to sell of some things. I just picked up a MIM Jazz bass and it had these pickups installed. I was given all original parts and everything was set back to factory, since i don't need this, i'm selling this for $60 shipped, paypal ok for the set. Set includes a DP123S and DP123L which stands for short and long respectively. Pickups are in great condition and tested before removing. Pickup poles do show signs of a bit of aging. Plenty of wire!!

    Not interested in trades at this time.


  2. These are good pickups IMO much better that stock MIM. What didn't you like about them?

    GLWTS - great price BTW!!
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    Thanks!! they are great sounding pick ups!!!

    only reason i took them out was because the original pick guard did not fit. the previous owner placed the DP123L in the neck position and left the pickguard out. since both pickups originally are the same size, i didn't feel like hunting for a new pick guard or trying to find another DP123s to match it with.
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