FS: Dingwall Afterburner II 5-string

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    Jan 22, 2003
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    Here's a fantastic bass that you won't see come up for sale used very often, so jump on this while you have the change. It's a Dingwall AB-II 5, made in Canada by Sheldon Dingwall. The body is lightweight mahogany with a gorgeous figured Bubinga top and an oil finish. Bubinga neck with a 24-fret wenge fingerboard the Novax fanned fret system for which Dingwalls are famous. The fanned frets allow the scale length to vary from 37" on the B to 34" on the G, and give you an incredibly tight B that one Bass Player magazine reviewer called "the voice of God." It also gives you an incredible consistency of tone from one string to the next, unlike fixed scale basses.

    Electronics features two Dingwall FD-1 soapbar pickups run through a multi-mode pickup selector and an Aguilar OBP-1 preamp with active/passive and series/parallel switches. Small but nice features include a Neutrik locking jack and a magnetic cover on the battery compartment. The bass comes with the original retangular SKB Freedome case.

    Please note that all of the above specs are true to the best of my knowledge. Unfortunately, Sheldon doesn't list the specs for the AB-II on his website (only the AB-1) so I've had to borrow some of the spec info from other websites. This is standard spec 2004 AB-II, purchased new and unmodified in any way.

    This bass is in immaculate condition cosmetically, structurally, and electronically -- essentially as good as new. I bought it new from Bass Northwest about 18 months ago. Shortly after buying it, I determined that I was really much happier playing 4-string. I sold off my other 5's (Laklands) but kept the Dingwall (in case of emergency)because it was the only 5 I've ever played whose B satisfied me. But I really haven't had any emergencies, so the Dingwall isn't getting the play time it deserves.

    The AB-II with HSC lists for $3212, with a street price between $2,199 (plus shipping, from Bass NW) to $2,464 (including shipping and extra strings, from Bass Central). I'm asking $1,850, and I'll throw in insured UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48. NO TRADES! Preferred payment via cashier's check or postal money order. I'll accept PayPal, but you'll have to pick up the 3% fee.

    I've posted lots of pics at Dinwall AB-II 5 For Sale. Here are just a couple to whet your appetite:


  2. RunngDog


    Jan 22, 2003
    Chicago, IL