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FS: Early 70's A. Loprinzi LR-20 Rosewood Dread

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Johnny Alien, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. I am not playing guitar much anymore so some of my guitars are going to pick up some bass equipment. This is an early 70's A. Loprinzi LR-20 dread. It has rosewood back and sides and a Canadian Red Spruce top. The neck is good as are the frets. Comes with the original case (worn but still very nice) and actually still has the original warranty card as well. It has an under bridge pickup and the endpin is the jack. I have no idea when it was put in or what it is but it might actually be original to it. It works and sounds really nice. Bound ebony fretboard. Rosewood bridge. The finish has some wear but is overall in decent shape. Two small dings on the top. One of the dings has some finish wear with it. You can see these in the photos below.

    For those that don't know alot about LoPrinzi they were made in New Jersey during the 70's and were high end acoustics. Sadowsky interned with A. LoPrinzi at this factory when he started.

    $900 shipped in the US.





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    Or best offer.

    These guitars are on par or better than Martins of the era. Agustino LoPrinzi was regarded as a master builder (like I said Sadowsky interned with him). He still build somewhere in FL. Because they are not huge on the vintage market you can get an amazing solid wood instrument for 1/4 of a Martin. They are like the G&L of the acoustic guitar vintage market. :)
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