FS: Early SD Curlee Standard w/brick PU #1305 - American Vintage for $225 + shipping

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  1. I posted this quite a while ago and let it slip...so here goes again with major discount, no trades. USA made, pots suggest in '77 or '78. Pics:


    I stumbled upon this bass a few years ago, and grabbed it without thinking - I have always been charmed by these (minor) American classics. Nowadays it is a bit too heavy for me (9.4 lbs or so) and I dont play 32" anymore - so someone else should have fun with it.

    And fun it is - the big brass Dimarzio humbucker roars in parellel and thunders in series. This is a great bass to let 'r rip through a bunch of effects, for example.

    While I wouldnt dare to say the neck is dead straight (these never are), it is as straight as they get, the truss rod works just fine, and the bass plays absolutely swell, with a setup as low as these rather crude bridges allow for.

    Finish looks like a weathered oil-type to me, some nicks, bruises and dents, here and there - see pics. The only thing certainly not original is the nut, which is a plastic one.

    In the photo set you also see another American Curlee, in state of disassembly. Has all the hardware, some pots not original (but any 500K will do), one of the pickups is a cream DiMarzio replacement. When put together it worked just fine, no neck issues. It needs a refret (can include fretwire) or you just make it fretless. I just dont have the time/inclination/space to put more work in it. Yours for an additional $75 in combinbation with the complete one above plus whatever extra shipping will bring.
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    I will take # 1305. PM on the way.
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  4. ..and #1305 is SOLD. Will be on its way to TX this week.
  5. ...and someone on the fence for the disassembled one ...
  6. ..and the disassembled one is also SOLD. Thread closed