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SOLD FS/EBMM Stingray 5 HH 9.25lbs!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Senor SQUID, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Senor SQUID

    Senor SQUID Guest

    Jan 11, 2004
    I just picked this beauty up last month from bass NW but have come into financial problems and have to unload all of my bass gear. I am not happy about this but it has to be done. Bass is in Brand New condition and comes w/ a G&G MusicMan LE case. Natural Stingray 5HH w/ a nice maple board, gorgeous grain and black pg. Best part is that it only weigh 9.25 lbs (Bass NW weighed it not me) Comes w/ all case candy. I paid $1700 for this 4 weeks ago.

    $1550 SHipped
    No paypal
    US postal MO accepted

    This one really hurts. But because of my financial situation I am selling all of my bass gear. Family First

  2. jlepre

    jlepre Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2007
    Cedar Knolls, NJ
    WOW! That is sure a looker! Senior Squid, is this Joey Squid? If so PM me. I tried to PM you but there wasn't an option to do so.:meh:
  3. Freddy-G.

    Freddy-G. take your protein pills & put your helmet on Supporting Member

    May 4, 2005
    Duluth, Georgia
    Anyone wanting a StingRay should grab this one quick. 9.25 lbs. for a SR5 is unheard of.

    Sorry to hear about your financial situation, Senor.
  4. PM sent.
  5. Me likey a lot!!!
  6. xring


    Sep 16, 2003
    Dang. I'd be throwing you an offer for a mint Bongo 5 if you weren't looking for cash. Nice bass. Good luck.
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    Mar 1, 2021

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