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FS: Eden CXC400

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Valentin, May 4, 2004.

  1. Valentin


    May 4, 2004
    here is a stock picture of it:

    here is the spec page:

    but it is weird. the spec page shows a different amp. when you click the picture on the spec, it shows the ACTUAL amp.

    Mine is the CXC400 Hybrid 400W @8ohms
    Plays fantastic, has been gigged 2 times. the rest was in house play. And it is just too much rig for that. Manufactured in 2000. in Montrose ,MN.

    I am taking cash offers. No trades, sorry. Will ship but it weighs a ton. I am in central Minnesota and willing to travel a short distance to deliver. Post offers. Thanks for looking.
  2. bill h

    bill h

    Aug 31, 2002
    small town MN
    you have PM
  3. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    Yay! Another MN TBer!
  4. From the pictures I'm guessing the one on the spec page is a different model, based onthe fact that it has the Time Traveler head in it. It looks like yours has the WT-400 head. It may be a discontinued model.

    Also, I feel like I should point out that all Eden products are still made in Montrose, MN. And I live in Maple Grove. Hi all you MN TBers!
  5. Valentin


    May 4, 2004
    to the top... Bill you have a PM
  6. Valentin


    May 4, 2004
    last chance b4 I break down and put it on eBay.