SOLD FS: Eden Navigator / WT1250

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  1. Up for sale is the all-powerful Eden pre/power amp combo. Both of these guys are pre US music, so they were built in Montrose MN.

    They've both lived in a rack since the day I got them, so they're in almost perfect condition.

    The nav comes with the footswitch and a midi cable.

    I figure shipping these won't be too cheap, so local pickup is preferred, but I'm open to offers.

    Asking $500 for each piece separately, or $900 for the pair, and I'll even throw in the 4 space wooden rack you see them in, and a set of cables to hook them up.

    More pictures available upon request.

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  2. dbsfgyd1


    Jun 11, 2012
    Saw this on the Eden Forum bump.

    I have this same rig and it totally rocks! Tons of power, and tonal spectrum. It also matches well with most speaker combinations you can thow at it. You can run mono, mono bridge, stereo, and even bi amp with it. Preamp has a built in crossover, and compression. For FOH situations, as well a recording, there is a main DI out, as well as a right and left XLR outs.

    Finally, and best yet, is you get that Eden sound, that not only kicks you in the gut, but cuts through the muck on the stage. 1250 watts @ 4 ohm will indeed kick you in the gut.
  3. Thanks for the good word; this is indeed a great setup.
  4. jthigpen


    May 18, 2009
    Cincinnati Ohio
    I'm interested in the 1250. Please give me a shout.
  5. The Navigator is SOLD!

    The WT1250 is still up for grabs!
  6. 1250 Is gone!