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  1. DopplerShift


    Apr 19, 2005
    Chicago Area
    [DEL]Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer:[/DEL]
    Old style 24v Bass Microsynth pedal. Comes with the power supply and a very nice wooden box. As many of you know this pedal is amazing, and this discontinued version sounds better than the current XO version according to many accounts.
    [DEL]$195 shipped[/DEL] SOLD

    Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n:
    A great pedal for bass distortion, and it's fun to experiment with different tube configurations on this pedal. Installed with 1 GT-12AT7 and 1 12AX7B, and I will include the 2 original 12AY7EH tubes as well as the power supply.
    [DEL]$125 shipped[/DEL]SOLD

    Electro-Harmonix Polyphase:
    A funky sounding pedal that along with the standard phaser functionality has an envelope filter that brings in the phaser on signal peaks. ON TOP OF THAT it has expression pedal control. It also has a square/normal wave switch for LFO mode. I never understood why this extremely versatile pedal is not more popular. Comes with a power supply.
    $125 shipped

    [DEL]Boss Bass Parametric Equalizer PQ-3B: [/DEL]
    This pedal is a rare bird. I used it to tweak the signal before or after a given pedal. For example, you could squeeze some bass out of an anemic dirt pedal, or put it in a loop with a volume sapping box and boost the signal and/or tweak the tone. I even used it as an upright bass preamp of sorts, and many have used it in acoustic and electric guitar applications.
    [DEL]$105 shipped[/DEL] SOLD

    [DEL]Boss Tremolo TR-2 Keeley Modified: [/DEL]
    I loved using this pedal in conjunction with the BMS, and being able to adjust the output of the tremolo (Keeley Modification) was a great improvement over the stock functionality.
    [DEL]$125 shipped[/DEL]SOLD

    [DEL]Boss Line Selector LS-2:[/DEL]
    This utilitarian pedal has been known as the swiss army knife of stomp boxes. I think everyone with more than 3 pedals should have one of these. It opens up so many possibilities.
    [DEL]$55 shipped[/DEL] SOLD

    [DEL]Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2:[/DEL]
    Your basic boss pedal tuner.
    [DEL]$40 shipped[/DEL] SOLD

    [DEL]SKB PS-45 Pedalboard:[/DEL]
    A powered pedalboard. I'd prefer to sell this locally but if someone wants to cover shipping I'll offer it here. It somes with a bunch of power cables and my collection of patch cables in varying lengths.
    [DEL]$135 plus shipping[/DEL] SOLD

    48 Continental US only.
    No trades please.

    English Muff'n Pictures...

    Polyphase Pictures...
  2. Jeff Elkins

    Jeff Elkins Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2007
    East Tennessee
  3. DopplerShift


    Apr 19, 2005
    Chicago Area
    Sold everything. Gonna keep the Polyphase.

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