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FS: EHX HOG and Foot Switch

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by TOOL460002, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Hello. This HOG hasn't left the house. The crappy M-audio exp pedals failed. Twice. Not gonna buy a third; please don't buy one either if you need more than a month out of it. Therefore, I will let you choose your exp pedal, or if ya got one, cool. Either way, it is just the HOG and the foot switch (which is a MUST... really).

    Looked at new/tb. Class/ebay/etc, and am hoping $425 shipped is a fair deal. Check my feedback. I ship quick and honest. Feel free to make an offer. I'm not dead broke or anything, but the money could go to a better place in my life, and hopefully this can go to a better place in yours.

    PS- looks new, so if you want a pic, just look at the EHX site, otherwise it'll be a couple days 'till I can post one. And there's velcro on both units. It isn't that crazy Rambo tape. It'll come off easy; pretty sure I got random feet sitting around if you really want them though.

  2. Ok- $400 shipped for the EHX HOG and foot controller. If you want the best, most versatile octaver, then this is for you. It does 1/2 octaves down, up 1/2/3 octaves, and 3rd and 5th 1/2 octaves up. If you wanna sound like a massive pipe organ, this'll do it. It tracks better than anything I've tried, and I've tried a lot of them. I just need the cash. Have a super day now!
  3. For real? Nobody? I would argue that this is the best tracking, most versatile octaver on the market. Impossible to hate. Tastes better than ice cream.
  4. xander8280


    Dec 29, 2011
    Tracks better than a whammy? I am not digging my current tracking I'm getting from my whammy:/ chords.....
  5. xander8280


    Dec 29, 2011
    I'm tempted, anything for a whammy v trade and cash?
  6. It tracked better than the whammy I had (and better than my Boss PS-3, which is a bit thin/mechanical sounding), and has a TON more options. You can sound like a massive pipe organ. There are some filter sliders that are pretty neat too.

    It is WAY more user friendly than the Eventide Pitchfactor as well. I tried my buddy's and it was a nightmare dealing with the user banks. The HOG only has six plus the default setting, but it is easily enough to do what you want.

    As far as trades go, I'm sorry but I really just need the cash. You know how it is. I MIGHT consider some cash/trade deals, but don't wanna downgrade to a different pitch shifter.

    No offence to yours, but the HOG is simply a beast. If I were to have a bunch of cash I would just keep it to be honest. I might trade for a phasor or flanger; perhaps something weird like a bit crusher or a Subdecay Noise Box.

    I'm still not 100% sure I want to trade though. It'd have to be a neat but cheap pedal. I need at least a couple hundred after a trade.

    Thanks for all the replies. Keep`em comin'!
  7. Still for sale folks! Got a nice box with quality packing material just sitting around. Waiting. Watching. Wanting a new owner.

    Other things I'd trade for would be MIDI foot Keys and that box they plug into. The rack synth I already have. Or a Furman power conditioner and cash could work out, but that's much lower on my list.

    Cash is still king here though. Thanks for looking!
  8. lowdown_billy

    lowdown_billy Supporting Member

    Is the the HOG or the HOG 2 that came out earlier this year?
  9. Didn't know a HOG2 came out. It's the original.
  10. lowdown_billy

    lowdown_billy Supporting Member

    Cool, thanks...
  11. Shameless bump. Still available. Thanks for looking!
  12. WaldoNova

    WaldoNova Having fun yet? Supporting Member

    Jun 14, 2009
    Mt Vernon, NY
  13. Paging Mr. TOOL460002! Tried to PM you and couldn't. Is this still available?
  14. I'm going to first bump this, but have more things for sale.The price is now a glorious, but even $400! Yay!

    I want mostly just cash, but a DOD expression pedal or Furman power conditioner plus cash woul work too. Thanks for looking!
  15. Zombie bump! Will knock off ten bucks at that: $390 shipped. It comes with the older (and much better) foot switch. I think I even have an m-audio expression pedal. The original one broke, but I got another. It's admittedly not the best expression pedal, but it works.

    I also have a Moog Clusterflux (flanger/chorus/space station) I may be putting up for sale... just to maybe garner some interest. Not sure on the price yet. It's the solid white paint job, storm trooper style one.

    Have a nice day!

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