SOLD FS Empress, Earthquaker, Malekko, Walrus Audio

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  1. Each pedal flawless, never left my home. Empress is 6 mos old, the others are all new since Labor Day—boxes included.

    Empress MultiDrive, $210 --- TRADED
    EarthQuaker The Depths, $140 --- SOLD
    Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay Dark, $110 --- SOLD
    Walrus Audio Iron Horse sp. Black Edition, $100 --- SOLD

    Specific Trade interests: Cusack Bass Screamer Overdrive, Mosquite Blender

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  2. Not sure why the vertical pics are posting sideways...foiled again

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  3. 2milehighspike

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    PM sent
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    Jan 7, 2014
    PM sent
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    Whoa! The Depths. What a cool-sounding pedal, and a good price on it, too! Free bump.
  6. PMs replied.

    Thanks Clover, it really is interactive and easy to use (actually adds low-end at most settings). Making some tough pedal decisions...hopefully just short-term :(
  7. Empress on its way to a good home.

    Depths and Iron Horse on hold for 24 more hours.
  8. Unfortunately, I won't be able to ship outside the U.S.

    The Depths currently on hold.
  9. Depths has a new home.
  10. Iron Horse...literally weeks old, used a half-dozen times--mint! (redundant, sounds like my Box of War). $100!
  11. Dark Delay and Iron Horse headed to Tennessee. Thanks for playing!