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SOLD FS: Epifani UL-410 S1 8-ohm $750

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by VroomVroom, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. SOLD

    Hi Folks,

    I recently lucked into a deal on a 310, so it's time for this one to go to a new home. Important stuff first:

    Price: $750.
    If I'm reading things right, this is reasonably lower than the going rate. Local pro appraisal (Gelb Music, Redwood City, CA) suggests $800 is very fair, and it will be listed for that amount on Craigslist after marinating here for a day or two. I'm rooting for TB karma and would love to see it passed along to a good home.

    Series 1.
    S/N #2729.
    1,000w @ 8 ohms.
    Epifani product web page.
    Link to download product manual.

    Currently, I'm looking for a local sale (SF Bay Area) only. Of course, "only" is subject to someone outside of the area really wanting this thing...meaning that packaging and shipping is on your dollar. I am happy to talk about meeting up at a reasonable (100 miles or so) driving distance. No trades, thanks. Local folks are welcome to test drive it, with my amp or yours...let's talk.

    I bought this cabinet new in 2005. It's been gigged often, but never abused. It's in very good condition, but you can tell it's been transported. The pics below will show some wear to the carpet, particularly on the rear left side. I love the sound of this cabinet and am only selling because I have another 410 and now two 310's.

    Sounds in action:
    Sample 1 - with Roscoe SKB into Epifani UL-502.
    Sample 2 - with MTD 635 into the 502.

    Five shots from last night, followed by a couple of gig images. Thanks for your time and feel free to post/PM with any questions. Happy shopping!

    3385324758_3b60a8ca39. 3385324814_0a1e065568.

    3384510389_9140e0bd79. 3385324982_ec5a091bc2.


    3090616838_5cc1d85ea5. 2938934814_6b999a16dc.
  2. Selfish bump... going on CL today. Thanks for taking a peek.
  3. blen dem

    blen dem Supporting Member

    Jun 22, 2001
    USA, Vallejo
    Bump for a great guy and wicked bass player!
  4. dataBASS5


    Nov 8, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    Bump for a no good, rotten Roscoehead and lousy bass player! :D

    That's not true, if you want to know how much I admire Vroom just look around a little.

    Here is cab that has been well cared for. If you can look past the hideous bass, you can see for yourself!



    DEAL ALERT!!! Somebody is going to be very happy! :eek::eek::eek:
  5. Adam, you freak...you're hilarious! Thanks for the kind words, fellas, I appreciate it.
  6. One last bump....a few pings off of CL, but the cab is still available. Thanks...
  7. I'll give you a bump on this one. This would be a GREAT option for those with an Eden WT800 or 1205 who want a full sounding lightweight cab that they can bridge into at 8ohms. That is a wonderful 'mix and match' for a warm but clean tone.

    Of course, for those of you with Puma1000 GAS.... just buy this cab to go with that head and be happy forever:hyper:
  8. Thanks, Ken. I know I said this a mere two posts above, but...one more bump.

    The cab is still available (duh). A few more Craigslist window shoppers, and some kind PM's from fellow TB'ers...but no sale. The only trade I'd be after is for...get this...a 4-ohm version of the same (Series 1) cab. (Which would mean I'd still have another 410 to sell, but I'd deal with it. :D) However, that would definitely have to be a local thing, so I know the chances are very slim. Thanks for looking!

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