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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by nellie48, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. nellie48


    Mar 12, 2007
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    If you know anything about the Elitist Thunderbirds you know that they are fantastic instruments and they do not come up for sale very often. This is a 2003 Epiphone Elitist Thunderbird. These basses are every bit as good as the Gibson's and have a better quality finish. They are made in Japan. These basses have been discontinued so they are pretty rare.

    $750 plus shipping (no trades)

    Basic Specs:

    Made in Japan in 2003
    Extra strap button on the back of the body to cure neck-dive
    Mahogany Body with sunburst finish
    rosewood board - 34" scale.
    Jazz-width nut
    passive chrome US Gibson humbuckers.
    Weight about 8.5 lbs (bathroom scale)
    Mahogony Set Neck construction that looks like a neck thru

    Black Gibson USA Hardshell case in great but used condition included!! (these are hard to find)

    This bass sounds and plays great with a really fast neck and low action. It is in really nice shape. The front looks just about perfect. There are no dings that break the finish anywhere on the bass. The only thing worth noting is the buckle rash on the back of the body which is "worming" and there are some scrapes around some of the tuner bushings on the front of the headstock. Also a scrape near the tuner at the back of the headstock. These appear to be from the previous owner trying to change out the tuners (at least that is my guess) It is hard to tell but the G string one appears to have had a small repair on the front. I didn't notice it for a long time but it looks like some of the finish was glued down right at the edge of the bushing. This is practically invisible but what makes it noticeable is the excess super glue around it which almost looks like a finger print in the glare. I think this could be cleaned up, but I never messed with it. I bought this bass online with idea of possibly replacing my Orville Thunderbird. This one has lower action and plays easier than my Orville Thunderbird but I just cant part with its mojo (vintage white that is yellowing). So, Ive decided to turn this one around. I also need the cash and already have three other basses. IMGP2284.jpg
  2. nellie48


    Mar 12, 2007
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  3. nellie48


    Mar 12, 2007
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I have only had this bass for sale on TB for 24 hours. I already found a buyer locally, but they dont need the case. I'd like to sell it with the case however. So I will let this bass go gor $650 with case + shipping here on TB, but if it is not sold by midnight Friday, it will be sold locally.
  4. How much for just the case if you end up selling it locally?
  5. nellie48


    Mar 12, 2007
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    prime time bumpola
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