FS: expression-only modded Boss FV-500H

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  1. I got this pedal here on TB a couple years ago; can't for the life of me find the original thread or seller. It's a Boss FV-500H that's been modded and only works as an expression pedal. Wish I had details on the mod, but it works great and had a smooth taper when I used it with a pigtronix EP-2, and it's WAY sturdier than inexpensive expression pedals.

    Asking $49 shipped in the CONUS, as it's heavy and will cost more than ten bucks to ship. Any less and I'm inclined to keep it. Great deal for a sturdy expression pedal.

    Note: the rear rubber footpad has been replaced with velcro. I can remove that if you wish.

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    ship to canada?