FS: Eyeland strap, strings, and parts

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  1. Eyeland lightly padded leather strap. Garment leather, very soft, very well made. Was on a guitar with straplocks for a bit but never used. SOLD

    Hipshot copy heavy duty bridge. Fits 4 screw basses. $10 shipped.


    Gold Spector tuners. Believe they are Gotohs but they don't say on them. Were shipped to me directly from Spector. One left and one right. Come with screws.
    $15 shipped.


    Huge bargain pile of used strings. Weighs close to a pound. At least 15 sets of strings here. Not sure what they all are, but should include DR Hi-Beams, Rotosounds, Sadowsky, ProSteels, MTD and Spector strings. Most cut for 4 in line headstocks. $25 for all.

    Set of very lightly used Dr Sunbeam strings. Cut for Fender type headstock. $15 shipped

    Very lightly used set of D'Addario Chromes. Cut for Fender type headstock. $15 shipped

    Set of GHS Brite Flats. Very lightly used. $15 shipped.
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    I'll take the Eyeland strap. PM'd you
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    Eyeland straps are DA BOMB!
  4. Eyeland strap gone.
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    Re - PM'ed.
  8. All strings and bridge SOLD. Tuners still for sale.