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SOLD FS;Feeler: BC Rich-Innovator Bolt-On 5 string

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by DanoesqBass, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. DanoesqBass

    DanoesqBass Bass For Life Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2007
    This is just a feeler for possible sale and ship to U.S. CONUS ONLY for $280.00 shipped.

    First let me post the Review of the 4 string version of this bass on TB which I agree with:


    If I were to keep this bass, I would have to install electronics that had a Mid_Boost Control, not sure I want to go that far with another bass since I just bought a G&L which takes care of my tonal needs with no mods required.

    This 35" scale 5 string is in great condition with EMG Hz - 9 volt 2 band EQ with PU Pan control. The body is clean since I bought it new 2.5 years ago, this model is now discontinued after they went to a neck thru model for a couple years...

    The only thing I could see off from the factory is the 5 piece neck, the 2 darker wood slats that run the length, you can feel the wood raised a touch on these against the rest of the maple parts...

    I worked extensively to get the action low with buying other bridges to work and file the extra saddle pieces to allow this for ease of feel and playability. The original parts limited the action adjustability.

    I got it real nice with a touch of buzz on some frets like 20 and above. This could be further worked with tweeks. I would include the 2nd bridge which has a full compliment of untouched saddle pieces. The String spacing is 16.5 mm.

    Like I say, I would pay the bucks to do a full electronic mod if I keep it, but with 9 basses, one should go and this is my choice. If you like to tinker this would surely produce a fine bass after such a mod. As is, it has a that modern bass sound.

    Neck is straight and everything is pristine cept for the bridge mods.

    I figure after shipping and Paypal fees, this would bring me around $200 so I have gone as low as I could without it being just more sensible to just keep it as a spare. This was like $550 new.

    Gig Bag included and the strap I had just for this bass as well.

    Lets talk, I could do more photos if needed. This would be my first sale on TB and I would want it to be perfect for buyer. I would want to take time with this and maybe not even ship until March when I can get it boxed and ship in not so sub zero temps...

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