FS Feeler: Loaded 2012 Fender American Std. P V Body

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    Mar 28, 2012
    $525 firm, shipped CONUS; PayPal OK.

    2012 MIA Sunburst body, essentially unused. I bought this body in a package deal, together with a fully assembled 2012 Candy Cola P Bass 5 a few weeks back on TB. Seller had tried alternate bridges on the sunburst body, and ultimately removed the neck and put it on the Candy Cola that I now own. He also had bought a brand new set of Fender 60's Custom Shop P5 pickups to retrofit onto one of the bodies, but never did so, as he believed the electronics were dead (they are fine, please read below).

    I had Mouradian Guitar (top rated local Boston guitar repair, located in Winchester, MA) reinstall the original 2012 Fender P5 bridge, the original Fender tort pickguard, and the new Custom Shop 60's onto the sunburst body. They tested all electronics, and said the pickups were perfect. Any additional bridge holes made on the front of the body are completely covered by the original Fender bridge.

    The front of the body has some light swirling, and a minor scratch under the clear coat that cannot be photographed, nor would you notice it standing a foot away from the guitar - it looks beautiful, as can be seen in the photos.

    Selling for $525 shipped, to account for any minor cosmetic flaws. Neck plate and screws also included. Also, offering a 30-day return (shipped back to me in exact same condition) to allow the buyer to test the electronics for themselves.

    *** I reserve the right to pull down this thread, in the event I change my mind ***

    Thank you for your interest.

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