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FS Feeler: Mint 2011 MIA '75 Jazz Reissue Neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by David_70, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. David_70


    Mar 28, 2012
    $575 shipped CONUS; PayPal OK

    Neck specs: 1.5" at nut; rosewood, bound and blocked, 7.25" radius, glossy back. If there is 10 hours of playing time on it, since installation, that would be a stretch. I've been playing 5's almost exclusively. Everything about this neck it is dead MINT.

    OK, I suffer from one part schizophrenia and multiple parts GAS. I have more basses than I need, and am still trying to figure out what works for me best.

    My latest "wise idea" is to take this neck (purchased in 2012 from The Stratosphere on Ebay for $750 on sale; was over $800) - which I retrofitted onto my Carvin SB 4000 - and sell it. I would replace it with a fretless neck, as I would like to try a fretless in my arsenal.

    The neck has extra mounting holes (besides the original "3 hole" Fender vintage pattern) so that it would fit my Carvin. This would all be concealed in your bass neck pocket. I will also replace the original, unused Fender '75 tuning machines (I had the Hipshots installed straight out, and never used the originals).

    Pictures of the neck (bass body not included in sale) are in the attached link. Thank you for your interest.

  2. Good luck with the sale. I have same great ideas when I browse that guy's ebay store...
  3. David_70


    Mar 28, 2012
    Thank you for the note, and for the PM sent by another member. Still available.
  4. journeyman77


    Jul 1, 2009

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