SOLD FS Feeler Modulus Q5 emerald green quilt

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  1. SOLD LOCALLY:::CLOSING THREAD:::Still not sure about doing this, so this is a feeler only. I may pull this so apologies in advance if I do. I'm the original owner, have had this bass for approx. 17 years. In 2002 I sent it back to Modulus because of a warped neck. They replaced it, free of charge, with a new neck with the truss rod "intonation adjustment" option. The serial number on the neck reflects the 2002 build date for the neck only. I've never had to make a single adjustment since she came back to me.

    Specs are,

    17MM spacing,
    EMG pups
    EMG BQC pre
    AAAA grade quilt top

    There is players wear that you could expect from a 17 year old bass, swirling on the face, some fading on the bridge, one of the pots is a bit crackly when being turned, but the bass is dead quiet once you set your tone. There is a scratch on the back approx. 2" long, does not go through to the wood. Overall, the bass is very clean considering it's age.

    The EMG pups and pre sound incredible, very aggressive and by no means "sterile" I always get rave reviews on the tone from soundmen and players. Only thinking of selling because I rarely play her anymore. My Ritter classic and Lakland DJ5 are getting all my play time. So maybe it's time for her to go to someone who will give her the time she deserves.

    I'm asking $1800 for her, with the modulus hardshell case. It's a bit ragged, but is sound and all latches work well. I might consider a partial trade for a Genz Benz shuttle.

    Here's some pics I have, will take more detailed shots and post over the next day or so. The GK3B pup shown in the pictures is not included. It was attached with 2 sided tape, so no holes were drilled, finish is perfect.


    scratch on back

    Swirls on face of bass

    Thanks for looking, and please, no low ball offers. I'll be very happy to keep her.;)
  2. holy crap man !! will you adopt me??

    I would kill to own any of those basses!!
    Good luck with the sale!~
  3. rockiezz


    Feb 5, 2009
    Hudson, Ohio
    What is the weight on this?
  4. weight is around 10 lbs, don't have a bathroom scale anymore, but will try to confirm that. She's no featherweight, but definitely doable for a 4 set gig!:bassist:
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  6. I've seen this same finish in person on a different bass and it's stunning!

    Nice Modulus!
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