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  1. Immigrant

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    Local preferred but will ship at your cost.

    Fender BG-32 AEB.

    I've owned this bass for 3 years and in an attempt to unload what I never play, this is the next to go. When I first received it, it had an overwhelming odor of pipe tobacco; it was never obnoxious, but actually slightly pleasant. The scent is still there but not as noticeable as it was 3 years ago. It definitely isn't skanky cigarette smell.

    There is nothing wrong with it. It plays fine (and fun) and sounds great plugged in or unplugged. 32" Scale

    I'd prefer local sale only but will ship for extra (negotiable) cost. No trades, for sale only. $300

    Fender HSC included.

    EDIT: I'm having issues uploading decent pics. I'll add more after I re-size a few.

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    SDC13685.jpg SDC13674.jpg
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    SDC13681.jpg SDC13670.jpg

    There are two small headstock dings. I'll attempt to add those if requested.

    Thanks for looking!;)
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    Fruitless bump for all those not interested.:atoz:
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    Closed. Thanks for looking!
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