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  1. What we got here is a American Vintage reissue 2013 model 64 jazz bass. The link for pictures:

    The model is here http://www.fender.com/series/americ...inated-rosewood-fingerboard-lake-placid-blue/ and has been discussed extensively in this forum. Thin and fast neck. Weight (without the covers) around 8.7 lbs or so. Sounds really good with the thin nitro coat. I would have liked to hang on to it, but I have no use for it now and got something else in, so it has to go.

    I got this bass in a trade and it got a bit banged up in transit, while Fender's workmanship on it left something to be desired too. It has a thin nitro coat that will get dinged up if you look at it, so to speak... I tried to show all the current nicks and dings in the pics, you can trust this bass to become naturally relic'ed rather quickly.

    NY luthier Mas Hino did a full setup with all-around screw tightening, and a fret leveling to correct a very slight ski-jump in the neck (quite common with Fenders, as you all know). The best thing is how it sounds: full and fat and very much alive - in Mas' words: "You got lucky; this is a good one" and I agree. In my view this is a bass for flatwounds (due to the radius amongst others) and it is wearing a fairly new set of Labella flats right now.

    All in a great playing and sounding bass, and probably a better playing instrument than you'd get brand new. Comes with original case and all the candy. Asking $1300 shipped CONUS per Paypal. Not looking for trades at this point.
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    Pm me im imteresting on it paypal is good?
  5. A question about weight: the digital bathroom scale gets me 9.2 lbs with ashtrays and all. Without ashtrays I remember it being 8.7 or thereabouts.
  6. ...And SOLD as I am heading out the door. Thanks everybody for their interest!!
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    Jan 22, 2011
    I would have jumped on it!!!!….grrrr
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    Jan 22, 2011
    Bass sells in 13 minutes, must be a record!!
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    Someone got a great deal!!
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    I almost pulled the trigger for one just like it for $1800 last week…this is the steal of the year so far!! :bassist:
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    Jan 22, 2011
    Even after this thread closes…I am going to make a point (religiously) to come back to this thread once a week to see what I missed out on. Also all my future purchases will be based on this deal. If it doesn't come close to this I won't buy. Going to be a bargain hunter now!!!…..Awesome Deal!!:bassist::bassist::bassist:
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    Music123 and Musician's Friend somewhat frequently have very mild "scratch and dent" returns of the Fender AVRI '58, '63 and the Jazz Bass for as low as $1,279 shipped.

    Right now, both have a Fender blond P '58 for that price. They sent me photos and the so called damage was like nothing! It's killing me and I wanna buy but I have no business getting my 22nd bass! (I hate myself!)

    Good deals on TalkBass every now and then too.

    Patience is the key to a great deal!
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    Jan 22, 2011

    Just looked it has 2 used for $1749…..never seen them lower than that for a 64 Vintage.