FS: Fender Jazz Bass USA Standard '95 + OHSC

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  1. I want to sell my USA made Jazz Bass 5 standard bass.
    It has additionally isolated/shield electronics for no hum.

    Price is $900 shipped CONUS.

    Will consider shipping internationally

    The serial is N5 series ('95).

    Gotoh tuners, I am not sure if it is Pao Fero or Rosewood fretboard.

    It has 3 cracks in truss rod nut. Per discussion with my guitar luthier, that should cost around $50 to replace it (I never did it, as I never adjusted the truss rod). I loved the bass as it was playing. I draw on pic below the place cracks are seen on nut.

    I recently bought 4 string and decided to stick to it.

    I would love to buy tapping instrument, as such need to let it go.

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    Looks like my fiver. Free bump!

  4. PRICE REDUCED to sell $850 shipped!
  5. Great price bump.
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  7. Hey I'm trying to figure out if this is passive or active. Let me know!
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    I don't see a battery compartment on the back so it is probably passive
  9. You're right! how'd I miss that?!?!